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   Chairman, Department of Paleoichthyology and Paleoherpetology; Academic Secretary, Key Laboratory of Vertebrate Evolution and Human Origins of Chinese Academy of Sciences
   142 Xizhimenwai ST., Beijing, 100044, China
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Education and Appointments:

03/2009-                Research Professor, IVPP

01/2008-03/2009     Research Associate Professor, IVPP

09/2002-06/2007     Faculty Fellow, Columbia University.

1998-2002               Research fellow, IVPP

Research Interest:
Early tetrapods (Paleozoic and Early Mesozoic), especially therapsids: their morphology, phylogenetic systematics, function, biostratigraphy, and paleobiogeography.
Public Services:


Seleted Publication:

Accepted paper: 

Li L, Joyce W G, Liu J. The oldest morphologically modern soft-shelled turtle, Perochelyslamadongensis (Testudines, Pan-Trionychidae), from the Jehol Biota of China. J VertPaleontol 

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Liu J. New discoveries from the Sinokannemeyeria-ShansisuchusAssemblage Zone: 1. Kannemeyeriiformes from Shanxi, China. VertPalasiat 

Xu L, Li X-W, Jia S-H, Liu J. The Jiyuan tetrapod Fauna of the Upper Permian of China——1.New pareiasaur materials and the reestablishment of Honaniacomplicidentata.ActaPalaeontol Pol 



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赵丽君, 刘俊, 李淳, 何涛, 2013. 贵州关岭海龙类一新属种——双列齿凹棘龙. 古脊椎动物学报, 51(1): 24-28 [Zhao L-J, Liu J, Li C, He T, 2013. A new thalattosaur, Concavispinabiseridens gen. et sp. nov.fromGuanling, Guizhou, China. VertPalasiat, 51(1): 24-28] 

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Supported Projects:
2012.01-2015.12   National Science Foundation of China (41172017) PI
"The phylogenetic relationships of the soft-shelled turtles and their biogeography"
2010.01-2012.12    National Science Foundation of China (40972014) PI
"Therapsids of the Dashankou Fauna"
2009.01-2011.12    Knowledge innovation project of CAS (PI)
"The evolution of Chinese Permian and Triassic tretrapods"