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Title Authors Title of Journal Year
The most basal ankylosaurine dinosaur from the Albian–Cenomanian of China, with implications for the evolution of the tail club Zheng Wenjie Scientific Reports 2018
Redescription and phylogenetic reassessment of Asialepidotus shingyiensis (Holostei: Halecomorphi) from the Middle Triassic (Ladinian) of China Guang-Hui Xu 林奈动物学报 2018
Morphology and structure of Homo erectus humeri from Zhoukoudian, Locality 1 Song Xing PeerJ 2018
The fossil teeth of the Peking Man Song Xing Scientific Reports 2018
Reinterpretation of a previously described Jehol bird clarifies early trophic evolution in the Ornithuromorpha Xiaoting Zheng Proceeding of the Royal Society B 2018
Insights into Modern Human Prehistory Using Ancient Genomes Melinda A.Yang Trends in genetics 2018
The tetrapod fauna of the upper Permian Naobaogou Formation of China: a new species of Elginia (Parareptilia, Pareiasauria) Liu Jun Papers in Palaeontology 2018
中三叠世脊椎动物生物地层的高精度时间校准:中国肯氏兽动物群和永和鳄时代的铀-铅锆石法测定 刘俊 古脊椎动物学报 2018
Dinosaur-associated Poaceae epidermis and phytoliths from the Early Cretaceous of China Yan Wu National Science Review 2017
A new symmetrodont mammal (Trechnotheria: Zhangheotheriidae) from the Early Cretaceous of China and trechnotherian character evolution Shundong Bi Scientific Reports 2016